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Our history

Homes in Eataly was born after years of experience in the hospitality sector. After trying our hand at renting our properties, with the passage of time and word of mouth we have been commissioned by friends and acquaintances to manage their properties.

From a secondary and almost fun activity, it has for years now become a real full-time job that we try to carry out with professionalism and commitment, giving our owners on the one hand and our guests on the other reliability and competence.


The management activities are manifold , from the optimization of the advertisements on the main OTAs to the management of reservations via channel manager, from accounting assistance to bureaucratic assistance, from welcoming guests to offering extra services to make their stay a memorable experience. .

However , times change and the market requires ever more innovative and quality performance, now more than ever!

And it is for this reason that we have decided to raise the bar of our offer by integrating our management service with a specialized consultancy service to enhance the properties we manage so that they position themselves successfully on the market.


It is a Strategic Re-positioning process which on the one hand allows Owners to increase the value of their homes and obtain much more satisfactory economic and personal results, on the other hand it gives us the opportunity to offer our Guests a unique and exclusive experience.

Not only that, we have also invested in technology to offer our proprietary customers greater transparency and security.

We then created synergies with professionals marketing, copywriting and web graphics to create highly performing sites and social pages.

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Our Mission

We offer a management service  "turnkey" to support owners at all stages of the process and give them the right peace of mind.  

Our management service is completed with a specialized successful re-positioning service to guarantee our guests a quality offer and an exclusive experience and to the owners certain results.

We assist guests from the very first requests for information until the end of their stay to give them a professional hospitality service.

We invest in training and technology to provide a service that is always innovative and responds to the needs and requirements of our proprietary customers.

Our Vision

Let's imagine a world in which all the protagonists of the real estate sector destined for the tourism market collaborate so that the houses are protagonists starting from the very early stages of the booking process.

We focus on quality and only turn to colors who have the courage to change and who are able to leave behind the culture of "do it yourself" linked to improvisation, to make room for professionalism, excellence and exclusivity.

Ours is an ambitious project only for equally ambitious owners!

We believe in the value of hospitality and we want to offer our guests not just a home but a memorable experience.

Today people have a strong need to get excited, fall in love and dream. Let's give him that dream!

First of all the emotion. Only after understanding

(Paul Gauguin)

Fill out the questionnaire and request aFREE check up of your home

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