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Thanks to ourNEW  re_positioning path you will finally be able to transform your home into a certain income, maximizing revenues and freeing up your time without losing control and availability of your home.



To find your differentiator, what makes you unique and different from your competitors.


Camera da letto

To increase the perceived value of your home and attract your ideal customer.



To communicate effectively and make your value offer highly attractive.

Making your prestigious home an income is an important choice that requires a lot of money and time.  But it's worth it?

If you are here it is because you have a prestigious home that you want to make an income or you have already experienced yourself in this business, however  the results do not satisfy you .


After many years of experience in the management of rented houses, we know perfectly all the problems of owners like you and that is why we have created a unique and innovative path  to give you that satisfaction you want both financially and personally.


Today it is no longer enough to propose your home with beautiful photos, even if still too often you see unpresentable photographs, and a more or less detailed description.


In the past, too, we have always given a lot of importance only to photo shoots and texts, however we have realized that today it is no longer enough.


You have to take the next step, raise the bar and position yourself strategically if you want to remain competitive on the market. If you don't, your fate is to remain in the shadows and lose a lot of money.

Our goal is to trigger a virtuous circle  which will allow you to raise prices when your competitors are forced to lower them.

These are just some of the problems you may be experiencing:


I can't even cover the fixed costs

I have no room for maintenance

Restructuring but it is not enough

I have anxiety with every arrival of the guests

I don't have time to do everything

I am not satisfied with the current management

I see the houses of others more and more beautiful

The real challenge is finding the staff

I don't have the financial resources to delegate

They all want the same period

I would like to offer more services but I don't have the resources

    We must transform the "vicious circle" into a " virtuous circle"












we create more value

we have  more visibility

we convert more bookings

we get more revenue

we create even more value ...

... and so on we trigger a

exponential trend!


Our exclusive service to rent successfully and without worries by creating the

Your Unique Value Proposition



We have to offer

the experience that the customer will go to live in your home


We must excite and fall in love from the first impression.


We must tell your home and that experience in a captivating way.

Here are the results you will get if you rely on our 5-star service 

You differentiate yourself from your competitors

You open up to new market niches

Increase the employment rate by up to 21%

Increase your income by up to 38%

You no longer have to go through the price war

Get 5-star reviews

Attract your ideal customer

You are in control of your business

Free your time

 Why choose Homes In Eataly?

We are a Property Management company with 20 years of experience and we care about results.


We are the first to want to differentiate ourselves and position ourselves successfully, so we are not satisfied with receiving management assignments but we aim for a value proposition, the uniqueness and exclusivity of our homes.

And that is why after a careful selection, we propose to the owner  our strategic re-positioning path  so that our offer is not one of the many that joins the "pile" but differs and is highly performing.

For us this means always keeping our level of quality high and for the Owner to have satisfying and rewarding results , which motivate him to continue to make his home an income.


Our Owners are ambitious people who share our values and our Vision , our Guests must remember us for the special experience they have lived.


Every choice implies a renunciation and we are willing to lose those who do not share our vision, at the same time we strongly believe that from now on only those who are willing to create value and increase the quality of their offer will remain competitive on the market.

      This exclusive service is suitable for you if:

You are an ambitious owner

You are not satisfied

You want to create an offer of value

Are you serious

You want to be in control of your business

You want ideal customers

You have a high sense of hospitality

Take care of your home

Share our philosophy

We will be happy to work with you

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